This Week In History

Author Don Capria discusses the shooting in Columbus Circle and the events in Joe’s life leading up to the tragic day on the History Channel’s Podcast, “This Week In History.” He is joined by veteran mob Author Selwyn Raab (Five Families) and Geoff Schumacher of The Mob Museum. Check it out here:

The Italian American Podcast Episode 194

50 years ago this week, on Monday, June 28, 1971, one of the more bizarre chapters in Italian American history unfolded in New York City’s Columbus Circle, as tens of thousands of people gathered for the second annual Italian American Unity Day! This we’d discuss the life and legacy of the man behind this unprecedented … Read more

Mafia Life Book Review: Colombo: The Unsolved Murder

Let’s be honest, who better to know somebody than his own son, right? When I decided to read and review the book Colombo written by his son Anthony Colombo, and author Don Capria I was intrigued. Because, I read plenty of books that detail what Joe C was like running the Colombo organized crime family. … Read more

NY Times Legacy Obituary: ANTHONY COLOMBO Sr.

Edward, Sr. Passed away quietly in his sleep on January 6, 2017, in his home in San Diego, CA, where he had resided with his loving wife of 49 years, Carol Colombo. Formerly of New York, Anthony was the eldest son of the late Joseph A. Colombo, Sr., and Lucille (Faiello) Colombo. Born on February … Read more

NY Times looks back at the life of Anthony Colombo.

Anthony Colombo, a mobster’s son who successfully agitated to keep out even a single reference to the Mafia during the entire 175 minutes of the film “The Godfather,” died on Jan. 6 at his home in San Diego. He was 71. The cause was complications of diabetes, his son Joseph A. Colombo said. READ MORE … Read more

The literary Voice behind Joe Colombo

Don grew up in Westchester, New York, however found himself frequenting Astoria’s diverse and welcoming community until finally he moved here after high school. Initially it was the music that was the attraction. Capria grew up in the midst of the hard core punk scene, with Astoria having a lot of options. It isn’t hard … Read more

Don Capria Explores Joe Colombo’s Life and Death

Don Capria describes himself as a “true crime aficionado” who has, for a long time, poured through books about Lucky Luciano, Al Capone, Joe Gallo and other mob bosses. But the Astoria resident was most fascinated by Joe Colombo, a Brooklyn native who headed the Colombo crime family. The Italian-American was different from other alleged mob bosses in that … Read more

Q&A with Anthony Colombo in Costra Nostra News

FINAL, Monday, Apr 11: Anthony Colombo recently took the time to answer some questions for the following Q&A. We connected via a mutual friend. Anthony is the eldest son of Joseph Colombo — yes, that Joe Colombo, the alleged feared Profaci family hit man who foiled a plot against the Commission by turning on two betrayers. For his … Read more

Colombo: The Unsolved Murder by Don Capria & Anthony Colombo – Available at Barns & Noble. 

Available now at Barns & Noble. Anyone familiar with the history of organized crime knows the names: Bonanno, Gambino, Genovese, Lucchese and Colombo. There have been volumes written about that period, some accurate, some not at all. Anthony Colombo, the son of Joseph Colombo Sr., one of those reputed “crime bosses” , has written, along … Read more